Cavern Crumblers v1.2.0 Released

Patch Notes:

  • All levels have been redesigned. New level designs should make platforming a bit easier and feel more natural overall.
  • Player Selection Menu and Game Settings Menu will keep their current selections and settings after you finish a game. This should make starting new games quicker and easier.
  • In the Game Completion Menu, the winner of each category will be highlighted, and the loser of each category will be highlighted with red color. The rest of the scores appear faded, making the Game Completion Menu appear less cluttered.
  • Fixed issue where the Loading Screen wasn't properly showing the game type and game length.
  • Fixed issue where players couldn't hurt themselves in games of Tag and Reverse Tag.
  • Added Player Number notifications in the game settings menu and loading screen to show which players are who and which players are AI.
  • Adjusted overall color scheme of the game, making the players stick out a bit more and easier to see.
  • Allow spacebar to continue from player selection menu when using keyboard controls.

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